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Hematocrit-Independent Sampling Enables White Blood Cell Counts from Patterned Dried Blood Spot Cards

Tierney, A. J.; Williamson​, K. C.; Stewart, V. A.; Mace, C. R. Analytical Chemistry (2024). 

Interfaces paper.png

Microsampling tools for collecting, processing, and storing blood at the point-of-care

Baillargeon, K.R.; Mace, C.R. Bioengineering and Translational Medicine, e10476 (2022).

Direct Processing and Storage of Cell-Free Plasma Using Dried Plasma Spot Cards.png

Direct Processing and Storage of Cell-free Plasma using Dried Plasma Spot Cards

Baillargeon, K.R.; Gianini Morbioli, G.; Brooks, J.C.; Miljanic, P.R.; Mace, C.R. ACS Measurement Science Au, 2, 5, 457–465 (2022).

Paper-Based Cytometer for the Detection and Enumeration of White Blood Cells According to

A Novel Paper-Based Cytometer for the Detection and Enumeration of White Blood Cells According to their Immunophenotype

Murray, L.P.; Mace, C.R. Analytical Chemistry, 94, 29, 10443–10450 (2022).

Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 12.59.12 PM.png

Patterned Dried Blood Spot Cards for Improved Sampling of Whole Blood

Baillargeon, K.R.; Brooks, J.C.; Miljanic, P.R.; Mace, C.R. ACS Measurement Science Au, 2, 31–38 (2022).


Developing a SARS-CoV-2 antigen test using engineered affinity proteins

Kim, S.; Yee, E.; Miller, E.A.; Hao, Y.; Tay, D.M.Y.; Sung, K.-J.; Jia, H.; Johnson, J.M.; Saeed, M.; Mace, C.R.; Yuksel Yurt, D.; Sikes, H.D. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 13, 38990–39002 (2021).

Antibody Affinity.png

Antibody affinity as a driver of signal generation in a paper-based immunoassay for Ebola virus surveillance

Murray, L.P., Govindan, R., Mora, A.C., Munro, J. B., Mace, C.R. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 430, 3695–3706 (2021).

Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 7.58.38 PM.png

Usability as a guiding principle for the design of paper-based, point-of-care devices – A review

Murray, L.P., Mace, C.R. Analytica Chimica Acta 1140, 236-249 (2020).

Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 8.07.57 PM.png

High-Yielding Separation and Collection of Plasma from Whole Blood Using Passive Filtration

Baillargeon, K.R., Murray, L.P., Deraney, R.N., Mace, C.R. Analytical Chemistry 92, 16245–16252 (2020).


Opportunities in the synthesis and design of Radioactive Thin Films and Nanoparticles

Coughlin, B.P., Mace, C.R. & Sykes, E.C.J. The Journal of Physical Chemical Letters 11, 4017-4028 (2020).

Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 8.14.04 PM.png

Open software platform for automated analysis of paper-based microfluidic devices

Parker, R.W., Wilson, D.J. & Mace, C.R. Scientific Reports 10, 1-10. (2020)

Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 8.16.08 PM.png

Evidence for biological effects in the radiosensitization of leukemia cell lines by PEGylated gold nanoparticles

Coughlin, B.P., Lawrence, P.T., Lui, I., Luby, C.J., Spencer, D.J., Sykes, E.C.H. & Mace, C.R. Journal of Nanoparticle Research 22, 1-12 (2020)

Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 8.03.40 PM.png

In situ hemolysis in a three-dimensional paper-based device for quantification of intraerythrocytic analytes

Baillargeon, K.R., Bricknell, J.R. & Mace, C.R. Analytical Methods 12, 281–287 (2020)

Detection of cardiovascular disease asso

Detection of cardiovascular disease associated miR-29a using paper-based microfluidics and surface enhanced Raman scattering

Mabbott, S., Fernandes, S.C., Schechinger, M., Cote, G.L., Faulds, K., Mace, C.R. & Graham, D. Analyst 145, 983–991 (2020).

Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 8.21.47 PM.png

Overreliance on cost reduction as a featured element of sensor design

Wilson, D.J., Kumar, A.A. & Mace, C.R. ACS Sensors 4, 1120–1125 (2019)

**Listed among the "Most Read Articles" in June 2019.

Scalable methods.png
Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 8.50.43 AM.png

Reduction of blood volume required to perform paper-based hematocrit assays guided by device design rules

Fernandes, S.C., Baillargeon, K.R. & Mace, C.R. Analytical Methods 11, 2057–2063 (2019)


Early hMSC morphology and proliferation on model polyelectrolyte multilayers

Ding, I., Walz, J.A., Mace, C.R. & Peterson, A.M. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 178, 276–284 (2019).

Determination of sample stability for wh

Determination of sample stability for whole blood parameters using formal experimental design

Murray, L.P., Baillargeon, K.R., Bricknell, J.R. & Mace, C.R. Analytical Methods 11, 930–935 (2019).

**Included in the collection of 2019 HOT Articles

Experimental and theoretical validation

Experimental and theoretical validation of system variables that control the position of particles at the interface of immiscible liquids

Innes-Gold, S.N., Luby, C.J. & Mace, C.R. Langmuir 34, 7673–7680 (2018). [PMID: 29882673]

Correlation of Cell Surface Biomarker Ex

Correlation of cell surface biomarker expression levels with adhesion contact angle measured by lateral microscopy 

Walz, J.A. & Mace, C.R.  Analytical Chemistry 90, 6572–6579 (2018). [PMID: 29712419]

Thioether-stapled macrocyclic inhibitors

Thioether-stapled macrocyclic inhibitors of the EH domain of EHD1 

 Kamens, A.J., Mientkiewics, K.M., Eisert, R.J., Walz, J.A., Mace, C.R., & Kritzer, J.A. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry 6, 1206–1211 (2018). [PMID: 28951093]

Enrichment and recovery of mammalian cel

Enrichment and recovery of mammalian cells from contaminated cultures using aqueous two-phase systems 

Luby, C.J., Coughlin, B.P. & Mace, C.R. Analytical Chemistry 90, 2103–2110 (2018)

An Open Software Platform for the Automa

An open software platform for the automated design of paper-based microfluidic devices 

DeChiara, N.S., Wilson, D.J. & Mace, C.R. Scientific Reports 7, 16224 (2017). [PMID: 29176646] 

**Listed among Top 100 in Chemistry for 2017

Density separation of quiescent yeast us

Density separation of quiescent yeast using iodixanol 


Quasem, I., Luby, C.J., Mace, C.R. & Fuchs, S.M. BioTechniques 63, 169–173 (2017).

Directly photopatternable.png

Directly photopatternable polythiophene as dual-tone photoresist 

Hu, X., Lawrence, J., Mullahoo, J., Smith, Z., Wilson, D.J., Mace, C.R. & Thomas, S.W. Macromolecules 50, 7258–7267 (2017).

Reconfigurable Pipet for Customized, Cos

Reconfigurable pipet for customized, cost-effective liquid handling

Wilson, D.J. & Mace, C.R. Analytical Chemistry 87, 8656–8661 (2017).

Beyond wicking.png

Beyond wicking: Expanding the role of patterned paper as the foundation for an analytical platform

Fernandes, S.C., Walz, J.A., Wilson, D.J., Brooks, J.C. & Mace, C.R. Analytical Chemistry 89, 5654–5664 (2017). 
**Listed among the "Most Read Articles" in June 2017

Fabrication of Three-dimensional Paper-b

Fabrication of three-dimensional paper-based microfluidic devices for immunoassays 

Fernandes, S.C., Wilson, D.J. & Mace, C.R. Journal of Visualized Experiments 121, e55287 (2017)
**Highlighted by “This Month in JoVe" 
**Highlighted by JoVE in their “2017 Year in Review” article

Measurement of the hematocrit using pape

Measurement of the hematocrit using paper-based microfluidic devices 

Berry, S.B., Fernandes, S.C., Rajaratnam, A., DeChiara, N.S. & Mace, C.R. Lab on a Chip 16, 3689–3594 (2016)
**Highlighted by Chemical & Engineering News
**Highlighted in special RSC Collection on papers by GRC Bioanalytical Sensors 2018 Speakers

A lateral microscope enables the direct

Lateral microscope enables the direct observation of cellular interfaces and quantification of changes in cell morphology during adhesion

Walz, J.A., Lui, I., Wilson, D.J. & Mace, C.R. ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 2, 1367–1375 (2016).

Comparison of three indirect immunoassay

Comparison of three indirect immunoassay formats on a common paper-based microfluidic device architecture


Fernandes, S.C., Logounov, G.S., Munro, J.B. & Mace, C.R. Analytical Methods 8, 5204–5211 (2016).

Multiplexed, Patterned-Paper Immunoassay

A multiplexed, patterned-paper immunoassay for detection of malaria and dengue fever


 Deraney, R.N., Mace, C.R.,* Rolland, J.P. & Schonhorn, J.E. Analytical Chemistry 88, 6161–6165 (2016). [PMID: 27186893]

Combining step-gradients and linear grad

Combining step-gradients and linear gradients in density


Kumar, A.A., Walz, J.A., Gondiac, M., Mace, C.R. & Whitesides, G.M. Analytical Chemistry 87, 6158–6164 (2015). [PMID: 25978093]

Enabling the development and deployment

Enabling the development and deployment of next-generation point of care diagnostics


Derda, R., Gitaka, J., Klapperich, C.M., Mace, C.R., Kumar, A.A., Lieberman, M., Linnes, J.C., Jores, J., Nasimolo, J., Ndung’u, J., Taracha, E., Weaver, A., Weibel, D.B., Kariuki, T. & Yager, P. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 9, e0003676 (2015). [PMID: 25973602]. 

A device architecture for three-dimensio
Screen Shot 2021-04-05 at 3.49.24 PM.png

A device architecture for three-dimensional, patterned paper immunoassays


Schonhorn, J.E., Fernandes, S.C., Rajaratnam, A., Deraney, R.N., Rolland, J.P. & Mace, C.R. Lab on a Chip 14, 4653–4658 (2014)

Manufacturing prototypes for paper-based diagnostic devices


Mace, C.R. & Deraney, R.N. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 16, 801–809 (2014). 

From previous positions

Ge, S., Nemiroski, A., Mirica, K.A., Mace, C.R., Hennek, J.W., Kumar, A.A. & Whitesides, G.M.  Magnetic levitation in chemistry, materials science, and biochemistry. Angewandte Chemie International Edition in press (DOI: 10.1002/anie.201903391).


Kumar, A.A., Lim, C., Moreno, Y., Mace, C.R., Syed, A., Van Tyne, D., Wirth, D.F., Duraisingh, M. & Whitesides, G.M. Enrichment of reticulocytes from whole blood using aqueous multiphase systems of polymers. American Journal of Hematology 90, 31–36 (2015). [PMID:25263455] [link]


Yadav, A.S., Mace, C.R. & Miller, B.L. Examining the interactions of the splicing factor MBNL1 with target RNA sequences via a label-free, multiplex method. Analytical. Chemistry 86, 1067–1075 (2014). [PMID:24377303] [link]


Atkinson, M.B.J., Bwambok, D.K., Chen, J., Thuo, M.M., Mace, C.R., Mirica, K.A., Kumar, A.A., Myerson, A. & Whitesides, G.M. Using magnetic levitation to separate mixtures of crystal polymorphs. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 52, 10208–10211 (2013). [PMID:23939940] [link]


Lockett, M.R., Mirica, K.A., Mace, C.R., Blackledge, R. & Whitesides, G.M. Analyzing forensic evidence based on density with magnetic levitation. Journal of Forensic Sciences 58, 40–45 (2013). [PMID:22804094] [link]


Mace, C.R. & Ryan, U.S. A unique approach to business strategy as a means to enable change in global healthcare: A case study. Clinical Chemistry 58, 1302–1305 (2012). [PMID:22532595] [link]


Akbulut, O., Mace, C.R., Martinez, R.V., Kumar, A.A., Nie, Z., Patton, M.R. & Whitesides, G.M. Separation of nanoparticles in aqueous multiphase systems through centrifugation. Nano Letters 12, 4060–4064 (2012). [PMID:22668343] [link]


Mace, C.R., Akbulut, O., Kumar, A.A., Shapiro, N.D., Derda, R., Patton, M.R. & Whitesides, G.M. Aqueous multiphase systems of polymers and surfactants provide self-assembling step-gradients in density. Journal of the American Chemical Society 134, 9094–9097 (2012). [PMID:22594904] [link]


Shapiro, N.D., Mirica, K.A., Soh, S., Phillips, S.T., Taran, O., Mace, C.R., Shevkoplyas, S.S. & Whitesides, G.M. Measuring binding of protein to gel-bound ligands with magnetic levitation. Journal of the American Chemical Society 134, 5637–5646 (2012). [PMID:22364170] [link]


Lee, A., Tang, S.K.Y., Mace, C.R. & Whitesides, G.M. Denaturation of proteins by SDS and tetraalklylammonium dodecylsufates. Langmuir 27, 11560–11574 (2011). [PMID:21834533] [link]


Sriram, R., Yadav, A.R., Mace, C.R. & Miller, B.L. Validation of Arrayed Imaging Reflectometry biosensor response for protein-antibody interactions: cross-correlation of theory, experiment, and complementary techniques. Analytical Chemistry 83, 3750–3757 (2011). [PMID:21517019] [link]


Mace, C.R., Topham, D.J., Mosmann, T.R., Quataert, S.A., Treanor, J.J. & Miller, B.L. Label-free, arrayed sensing of immune response to influenza antigens. Talanta 83, 1000–1005 (2011). [PMID:21147350] [link]


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